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About us

Our name says it all !!! ContractFolder is a web based software as a service built to make your life easier with storing, tracking, searching and reporting your contract data and contract documents. If you are still using your emails and other cloud storage or hard drives or even file cabinets to store your signed contracts then struggling to find where a signed contract is or missing a contract expiration date or searching for a specific contractual data or scrambling to put together a list of all active contracts is all too common in your life. ContractFolder is just a simple, effective and affordable way of avoiding these inconveniences in your business.
ContractFolder Inc is based in Dallas, USA serving customers worldwide. We are supported by a passionate team of management and software talent obsessively focused on providing the best value for our customers. While our name starts with the word ‘Contract’, there are no long term contracts in our business. Every plan that we offer is month-to-month with the ease of signing up and terminating with the ease of a button click. As we roll out more features, our laser focus on keeping the solution simple and affordable continues… Try us out today.
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