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Product FAQs

Can I use this software for contract signing process ?

No. You cannot use ContractFolder to sign documents. After you sign a contract or a document, ContractFolder can help you keep track of them.

How can ContractFolder help me after I sign a contract ?

ContractFolder can help you have all contract documents in one place, let you share with your colleagues, search for contract data, remind you on dates and much more.

Do I need to have a lot of technical knowledge to use this ?

No. Administrator level access might need some help to initially set up. For the rest, it should be almost as easy as using your emails. If you need help, our support is always there.

Do I need to download or install anything ?

No. ContractFolder is a web based service meaning you don't have to download the software. Its just like your email service and you can do everything via your web browser.

Can I add more than one file to a contract ?

Yes. Our plans only limit number of contracts but not files. Say you have a client contract that has multiple files that need to be uploaded. You can do that and its still counted as one contract.

Can I add different types of contracts ?

Yes. You can add as many different types of contracts as you like. For example : Rental Agreements, Client Contracts, Vendor Agreements.. Each type can have its own user defined fields.

What are user defined fields ?

For every type of contract, you can define data fields you would like to search, track and report. For example, Your vendor agreements may have data fields Vendor Name, Contract Start Date, End Date..

Is there a limit on user defined fields ?

At this time, we let you add up to 10 user defined data fields for every contract type. For example : A client contract can have 10 data fields and a vendor contract can have 10 different data fields.

How can I set up reminders ?

For every date field you set up, you have the option to set up reminders. Reminders pop up in your dashboard and you will receive an email as well.

How advance can I set up reminders ?

At this time, you have the option to set up reminders 60 days, 30 days, a week and a day ahead of the dates you would like to be reminded on. You can chose one or more of these four reminders.

Can I add additional users to share my contract data ?

Yes, You can add as many users as you like. All plans we have offer unlimited users to be set up.

What user access levels are available ?

Admin level has full access including permanently deleting files. Power User level can view, add and edit any data but cannot permanently delete files. View Only level access can only view.

Can I recover user deleted files ?

Yes. Admin level access can recover deleted files anytime. Other than Administrator, no other user can delete files permanently from the system.

Can I pull a report of my contract data ?

Yes. Just with a single click, you can download a report of any type of contracts. Even better, you can search for only specific data and download a report for just those search results.