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Contract Folder comes with most of the essential features you expect to have while storing your contracts and documents. It all starts with the assurance that all the data is safely stored within state-of-the art data centers, an user interface that requires very little technical knowledge, customizable data fields letting the user define the data that needs to be captured from the contracts, an ability to set up reminders on every date field, custom reporting so you can view or pull out a report on all your contract data and finally, all of it at a very affordable price point for almost every usage supported by a passionate team.


Highly Secure

All data and files are stored in highly secured data centers physically located in the United States provided by Amazon's AWS cloud infrastructure.

  • The ability to permanently delete any data is only with Admins. Any deletions by rest of the users can easily be restored by Admin.
  • Three levels of user access included with a view only access that will let you safely share your data without the worry of any data loss.
  • Industry standard encryption protocol to ensure a secure connection between your browser and our servers.

Easy to Use

Right from the beginning, ease of use has been the core design focus in everything we did as we developed our product. Our assumption is that majority of our users will be non-technical and so we go out of the way to ensure things are as easy to use as possible.

  • Drag and Drop User Interfaces.
  • Auto-complete text and search fields.
  • A simple button-click to sign up, upgrade or terminate your subscription.


We understand every business has different kinds of contracts and different data that needed to be tracked. So, we give you the freedom to define your own data fields.

  • Upto 10 user defined fields on every contract.
  • Different data fields for different contract types.
  • Data fields not limited to just text but can have dates or numbers.


It’s just not the data that is important with the contracts but the dates are even more important. Infact, this is one of the reasons we are in business today as missing a contractual expiration is what prompted us to start building ContractFolder.

  • Ability to set reminders on every date field.
  • Email Reminders and Dashboard alerts.
  • Choice of different alert schedules.


Now that you have all the contractual data uploaded, we have made it easy to pull out a report to your boss or have a nice view of all of your contracts for yourself.

  • Dashboard view of all contracts with the ability to search.
  • Options to query and create a custom report.
  • If you still need help in creating a more complex report, Our support team can help.


Our pricing is designed to offer an affordable plan for everyone’s usage and so we tried our best to offer transparent pricing to all kinds of usage volume. Top it with the fact that all our plans offer the same core features and the only item that changes is the number of contracts you can track. We will continue to offer more and more choices in the future.

  • No long-term commitments. All our plans are month to month.
  • Pricing plans are based on the number of contracts you track.
  • Unlimited users with every plan.

Dedicated Support

While we are not able to offer a 24/7 support at this time, all of our team understands how important it is for us to respond to our customer requests and so a timely response is assured.

  • All customers regardless of the plan level receive the same level of support.
  • Email support with a 24 hours response time.
  • Phone support during US business hours on request. Login to your account and click 'contact us'.